5 Sexy Foods To Bring In The Bedroom

If you’ve been having sex with the same person, you need to spice things up in the bedroom but don’t literally bring in spicy foods because that won’t be good for anyone. Even if you’re just always down for new ideas and experimenting make sure you try these foods during your next rendezvous and I guarantee you won’t regret it.
1. Whipped Cream:
This one is a classic because it is delicious and-and an easy cleanup and by clean up I mean it’s easy to lick right up off of someone’s body. Purposely whipping some on the most sensual and sexual places gives an excellent reason to take your time licking and smearing it all over each other’s body, but not for too long because it’s a dairy product! The last thing you want is to start smelling curdled whipped cream.
2. Strawberries:
If you’re trying to be healthy then here is the perfect sexy food for you if you choose to use them by themselves, but if not then strawberries are perfectly paired with any other sweet topping listed. This fruit is perfect, and the most popular because the sweet and juicy bites and liquid leave the best aftertaste and smell after eating them all. This perfect bite-sized fruit can be lightly coated with sugar and the perfect dessert paired with pleasure.
3. Syrup:
This one involves a lot of licking and experimenting as you will be venturing into some unmarked territories as syrup tends to travel fast. Probably the messiest and hardest cleanup so you’ll end up taking the party to the shower, but there is no harm in a messy pre-game. Also, you can switch up the flavors, so everyone’s taste buds are satisfied whether it be a banana, maple or chocolate, everyone will get their cravings in.
Instead of just sticking with the good old chocolate syrup it’s almost 0yummier and sexier leaving it in little pieces. Putting bites of chocolate in each other’s mouth and all over the body to nibble up leaves for a sweeter sensation. There’s nothing like eating some chocolate leaving you wanting more and willing to search near and far to find all of the scattered bits around the bed.
5. Popsicles:
This might get a little cold, but that just means you have to work twice as hard to warm up if you catch my drift. It will quickly melt so having a nice, chilled liquid dripping off one another adds to the slippery experience. The whole concept of sucking the popsicle is very arousing as many women tend to do it simultaneously with giving a blowjob.
Don’t knock these things until you try it because they could not only add some well-deserved calories to your sexy time workout but increase the stamina when you have a goal of cleaning up one another’s body with solely your tongues.