5 Ways To Get More Dates

Being a part of the dating world can be a little overwhelming, nerve racking and scary but life and love are all about rejection and growing a thicker skin so you can get through the hard times before reaching the great ones.

If you’ve had your fair share of bad luck when it comes to dating, there is a chance that your dates blow and you deserve better, but there is also a slight possibility that you could reassess yourself as well. Take a look at my reasonings and decide for yourself if you have a little TLC you need to do for yourself to be the best candidate for potential lovers.

1. Look Presentable:

Make sure you’re looking in the mirror and keeping up your hygiene because no one wants to start dating a complete mess that doesn’t know how to take care of themselves. You don’t have to be narcissistic or solely focus on your looks, but it doesn’t hurt to go the extra mile some days and look presentable, so you look great to the world and feel better about yourself.

2. Exude Confidence:

Being confident and secure in yourself in something to admire and not shy away from even if it comes off pretentious and egotistical to others. Chances are they are insecure and envious that you feel so secure in your body and being to walk, live and love with your head held high. It’s way more pleasurable to date someone that knows themselves and has a sense of self rather than relying on someone else to complete them.

3. Create Opportunities:

Get off of your ass and make some plans whether it be with your friends, coworkers or a new found independent hobby that will give you a chance of meeting someone new. The more you expose yourself to different situations and immerse yourself into the world, the higher chance of interacting with more people than you normally would on a daily basis. Stepping out of your comfort zone and creating moments instead of waiting for them to happen is the perfect way to ignite your dating life.

4. Put Yourself Out There:

If your friends are setting you up on a blind date or you have installed all of the various dating apps, make sure you aren’t isolating yourself from possible love connections. Even though you feel your weakest and most vulnerable admitting feelings or making the first move, don’t hesitate on taking the chance and putting your true self out there for the world to see and love.

5. Be Less Judgemental:

Throw away your dating checklist and give the people you normally wouldn’t a chance to win over you heart. Physical attraction isn’t everything, and sometimes the best relationships start off as friendships or the utmost respect for another individual. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want someone to focus on your flaws so what makes it any different than writing someone off before getting to know them because they don’t fit in your particular type or standard.

It can also help to join a casual dating site like https://meetbang.com instead of a traditional one which will consider compatibility and limit the amount of dates and hookups you get per week. ┬áHonestly, if you’re just getting back into dating it’s better to have a no strings attached relationship. ┬áHope you enjoyed our post, check back later for more cool stuff!